Steve Michelini

Building Works Manager

Steve is responsible for the coordination and management of demolition and asbestos removal works with PBC. Having years of background knowledge in the field, Steve ensures that all removal procedures are conducted using the up-most current Worksafe procedures and the safety of workers is the highest priority.

Steve’s strengths include his ability to see out a project from inception to completion and eliminate any possible risks associated with all demolition aspects.

Steve’s duties at PBC include:

  • Onsite supervision and management of demolition of specific projects
  • Notifications to WorkCover
  • Implementation of PBC Integrated Management System, including Quality, Safety & Environment
  • Plan interpretation
  • Quoting
  • Risk Management
  • Communication with Sub-contractors / clients / architects

What motivates me to go to work every day?

I have a lovely wife and 3 kids at home. No explanation required.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I haven't grown up yet so I'm still deciding!!

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