Melanie Baker

Finance & Administration Manager

Mel brings her substantial finance background to her role as Finance & Administration Manager, applying the principles and strategies she has developed over 11 years in public practice accounting. She has competence in all areas of finance and applies these to administering multiple projects simultaneously.

Mel loves a challenge and enjoys realising required outcomes for PBC & our clients. She approaches her position with enthusiasm and thrives in the dynamic environment offered by her role at PBC.

Mel’s strengths include; excellent communication skills; extensive financial experience in working with budgets; building and maintaining sound working relationships; working productively in a team.

Mel’s role at PBC includes:

  • PBC Financial Controller
  • Financial reporting & recording
  • Produce and issue claims
  • Issue purchase orders 
  • Conduct due diligence on documentation
  • Prepare, issue and maintain registers for variations/AOT’s/RFI’s
  • Liaising/communicating with clients, subcontractors, colleagues and consultants
  • Preparing cash-flow projections & submitting monthly claim schedules
  • Tracking and reporting financial and operational performance and minimising risk.

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